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About Us

We are an experienced Financial Planning business servicing clients throughout Australia. We want our clients to be in control of their financial freedom, so we specialise in many areas of financial planning to meet our clients goals.

At MFM Group, we start with a simple question:

“What’s your idea of Financial Freedom?”

Our mission is to help people achieve their idea of Financial Freedom. We believe this is a rare quality in the conservative and corporate world of wealth management.

We know our clients work hard for their wealth, so we encourage them to stop and think. What do they really want from life? How can we help them get to where they want to be?

This starting point sets us apart. While there’s a lot of noise in financial planning around ‘wealth creation’, there’s not much discussion as to why.

Our client relationships are very intimate and span many years. With our wide ranging and highly personalised advice, sophisticated approach and major backing, we can help every client live the life they want; even when they wouldn’t have thought it possible.

So if you have a dream you’d like to achieve, we’d love to help you get there.


At MFM Group, we’re committed to building long-term relationships with our clients. Only then can we understand their hopes and dreams, and exactly what Financial Freedom means to them.

Forging strong, personal, professional relationships

We put our clients first. The service we provide is always personal and firmly focused on the needs of each individual client. No matter what the size of our clients financial need, we will work through a structured process to ensure they can make an informed choice and get the right solution.

Strategic advice that is customised for your circumstances

All of our client's circumstances are different, and therefore advice needs to be customised to the particular situation.....whether it be starting out with their first job or retiring from the workforce.  

Often financial planning will involve multiple areas of advice, such as wealth creation, retirement planing, appropriate life insurances and more. Therefore it is imperative that the financial strategies we recommend fit within the plan, are achievable and compliment each other....otherwise it just becomes a wish.

Quality advice and services

Hillross has one of the highest percentages of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS (CFP®) in the Australian financial services community. Furthermore, CFP® is a qualification you can trust. So when you talk to us at MFM Group, you can be sure that the advice you receive is grounded in professional knowledge, and properly assessed taking into account your needs and goals.

Although we operate autonomously, Hillross is fully owned by AMP Limited and as such, we can tap into a wide range of market-leading research and investment advice. We have access to a number of Australia’s leading experts in the fields of tax, investments, direct shares, wealth protection, property, superannuation and retirement planning to ensure superior advice for every one of our clients. We also have access to the latest market and economic insights, so we’re always in touch with the most current trends.

With our own management and board at MFM Group, we combine the authority and security of a national brand with the flexibility and experience of a local specialist.

Clear communication and transparency

Financial advice can be complex; so it's important our communication is clear and transparent to make better informed decisions. We provide educational information and take the time to talk you through any complex strategies or issues. When it comes to our clients, the lines of communication are always open.

As a fee-for-service business, we are up-front with the cost of our initial advice and ongoing services and provide a range of payment options to suit. All this is outlined when we first meet and can also be viewed in our FSCG on this website...that way, you’ll get no surprises.

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