Aged Care Financial Services

Considering moving a loved one to an Aged Care facility, can often be an emotional and traumatic time for the family. For example, where do you start when considering an Age Care facility? What issues do you need to consider when moving into an Aged Care facility? How do you fund the costs of moving to an Aged Care facility, and what are the ongoing costs?

Some common questions to consider;

  • What do you do with the family home?
  • Do you need to pay a Residential Accomodation Deposit (RAD)?  
  • How do you pay the RAD, and should you pay the full RAD?
  • What fees do you need to pay?
  • How can you restructure you assets to minimise fees?
  • How does moving into Aged Care affect Centrelink benefits?
  • How can you maximise you Centrelink benefits?
  • What if the Centrelink benefit is not enough to pay the daily fees?


As you're considering the move into Aged Care we can review your situation and advise on:

  • Whether to retain or sell the family home.
  • Whether to pay the RAD, part pay ot not at all.
  • Restructuring assets to reduce fees and maximise Centrelink benefits.
  • All fees that will be payable and how to reduce the fees, if appropriate.

What do you do next:

If you need help with your Aged Care needs, or that of your love one, contact one of our Accredited Aged Care Specialist today on 03 8394 0300 or simply fill out the form below to received specialised advice.

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