Lending Solutions

With a myriad of options available in today's market, have you got the right option for your unique circumstances?

Home Loan

  • Should you lock in your interest rate or should you consider variable?
  • What are the diffences between fixed and variable interest rates, and what is appropriate for your situation?
  • Should you consider including an offset or a redraw accout attacded to your loan?

Investment Loans

  • Looking to buy your second property?
  • Have you considered purchasing a property through your superannuation?
  • Do you understand how gearing works, and how it can benefit you?

Margin Lending

  • What is Margin Lending and how can is help you grow your wealth?
  • What types of Margin Lending facilities are there and what is appropriate for your needs?
  • What can you invest into, and what capital do you need to start?
  • Why should you consider margin lending and how does it work?


Reverse Mortgages

  • Do you understand how are reverse mortgage can assist with you retirement planning?
  • Should you condider a reverse mortgage to free up capital to assist with your retirement?
  • If you are considering a reverse mortgage, do you understand the different types that are available?


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