Personal Insurances

Insurance is often a subject that we avoid, as it brings to life the possibility of 'what if'. However, if you have you considered the 'what if' do you feel secure in the knowledge that no matter what the circumstance you have all your bases covered?

Life Insurance

Life insurance covers you for death and also can include cover on diagnosis of a terminal illness. Therefore, have you considered:

  • How do you know how much Life Insurance you need?
  • Have you considered, what your family would need to replace your income as well as extinguishing debts? 
  • Should you have you life insurance through your super or outside super.
  • What are the alternatives to life insurance and what do they cost?

Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) Insurance

Should you become sick or disabled to the extent that you are permantly not able to work, then TPD insurance can assist you with retaining your lifestyle.  Have you considered:

  • How you would fund your lifestyle if you became TPD?
  • Could you pay down your debts?
  • Would you have enough money to pay for rehabilitation, modification to your car or home?
  • Will the family have enough money to survive?

Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance

Trauma, or critical illness insurance, is designed to protect you from the impact of illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks and strokes. It’s a lump sum payment that gives you financial support to take the time and get the medical treatment you need to get your life back on track after suffering one of the health events specified in the policy.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection is about giving yourself some space to breathe should you become sick or injured and need to take some time off work to recover. It’s about making sure you still have income coming through the door each month to keep life moving forward.  If you can't work, have you considered:

  • How you would continue to run the household and put food on the table?
  • Could you continue your mortgage or rental payments?
  • Who will support you if your not able to produce an income?
  • Will the burden of not having an income jepardise your recovery back into work?

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