Life is never certain, and redundancy can cause a lot of stress and worry about ‘what next’.


There are many factors to consider such as the loss of your job, the prospect of having to look for a job, ensuring your finances are met and what to do with the lump sum payout you will receive.

When you speak with us, we are able to help with the financial matters and maximise your redundancy payout so that you get the most out of it, to ensure you can maintain your lifestyle.

Some things to consider are;

  • What are the elements of my redundancy payment?
  • What is considered an Employee Termination Payout (ETP)?
  • What tax concession do you receive on your ETP?
  • How is the ETP paid?
  • How do I make sure I get the most out of my payment?
  • What do I do with my super?
  • I've decided I want to roll over my ETP. What do I do?
  • Am I entitled to Centrelink benefits?
  • What if I want to use redundancy as an opportunity to retire early?
  • Do I need to review my insurance arrangements?

We can help by:

  • Reviewing your payout calculation.
  • Identifying the tax concession components and the tax-free or tax reduced amounts - the Eligible Termination Payment components.
  • Reviewing your goals and identify options for how to use the money.
  • Calculating how much you can rollover into super to minimise the total tax you pay.
  • Reviewing any insurance you have through super and advising if you can continue insurance cover even though you've left the fund.
  • Reviewing any new insurance requirements that are necessary.
  • Estimating how long you can live on your payout based on current expenditure and plans.
  • Establishing a budget to live on your payout and any other income.
  • Developing options to achieve a life change in the timeframe you want.


What to do next:

If you have been made redundant or are considering redundancy we can help you review your options.

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